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Stok KangriHi! I’m Umang and I started Travelmax.in as a blog to write my travel stories. Over a period of time, I realized that I liked visiting offbeat locations & indulging in adventure experiences the most.

So, now, I focus on 3 segments of travel. Adventure, Offbeat travel and amazing experiences.

I also try & compile travel tips & Ideas. I create itineraries, list things to do, travel tips and love to suggest where to eat & enjoy the nightlife based on my own experiences. Compiling such tips & ideas allow me to help you plan your trip better and that’s what this blog is all about!

I particularly like exploring mountains and staying in homestays. When I am traveling, talking to locals and savoring local cuisine are my favorite experiences. Of course, admiring the beauty of untouched nature also overwhelms me.

Having an inclination towards trekking, I have completed several treks in the Himalayas.  Two of them were over 15,000 feet. Rupin Pass trek and Stok Kangri peak summit offered me experiences which I would never forget for a lifetime.

I have tried Solo travel. But, prefer traveling with friends, family and strangers as well!

Have fun exploring the website! Feel free to comment and ask me questions!

You can contact me at umang@travelmax.in.

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