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Unique Resorts in Southeast Asia, perfect for a relaxed stay and experience

written by Umang Trivedi September 8, 2017

Over the years, and particularly the last couple of decades, Southeast Asia has become famous for luxurious and relaxing resorts. The remote beachside getaways on islands in the region have drawn massive attention. Nowadays you can find just about any kind of resort you could imagine there, from towering hotels to beachside villas. Here, I’m going to highlight some of the best and most relaxing resorts in this gorgeous corner of the world. This list is more like a bucket list as I have been to only one out of these lovely stays.

1. Mulia & Mulia Villas – Indonesia

These incredible villas in Bali, Indonesia offer what many people envision as the ideal Southeast Asian vacation. Many of the photos you’ll find make it look like an intimate retreat, but in reality, it’s a sprawling complex – one to imitate the feel of a resort you might find in Dubai or Las Vegas, as one prominent paper put it in a review. As such, the Mulia & Mulia has just about everything: spas, private beaches, terrific rooms, outdoor lounges, excellent dining rooms, and even tennis courts.


Image Source: official resort website

2. Four Seasons Langkawi – Malaysia

You might not be able to imagine a more exotic location for a resort, and that’s ultimately what sets the Four Seasons Langkawi apart. Of course, many destinations in Southeast Asia are extraordinarily beautiful. But here, the resort itself is essentially built into a surrounding jungle complete with lush greenery and rocky mountain peaks. Poolside lounging is about as good as it gets, and there is extensive private beach space belonging to the resort as well. Ultimately, it’s a resort best visited by those who simply want to relax where they’re staying. You can soak up the beauty of the surrounding UNESCO World Geopark without really needing to venture away very much.


Image Source: official resort website

3. Marina Bay Sands – Singapore

This is certainly one of the unique resorts in the area, and perhaps the most urban on our list as well. It’s a towering luxury hotel, known mostly for its stunning infinity pool – which is located on the roof, and provides the illusion of simply flowing over into the city! Marina Bay Sands is also known for its casino, where you’ll find table games, video arcades, and even some of the slot machines that have inspired hundreds of online counterparts that have become an integral part of the industry. In short, there’s a bit of everything, whether you’d like to hang out at the pool, play in the casino, or simply explore Singapore with a comfortable base for the evenings.


4. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort – Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka can easily be forgotten among the Southeast Asian destinations like Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, etc as it doesn’t fall in that area. But it has some equally stunning locations, despite a relative lack of publicity. This is maybe the quietest and most secluded selections on this list. Indeed, Condé Nast Traveler may have given it the best endorsement possible by saying that the sound of the ocean is louder than the patrons’ chatter at this particular resort. Rest assured it’s not only about lying about on poolside chairs, however. The hotel also puts you in position to enjoy excursions to nearby towns, as well as an elephant sanctuary, should you want a break from relaxation.


Image Source: Booking.com

5. Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort – Vietnam

This is another resort that’s more or less ideal if you’re primarily looking for relaxation. A common destination for weddings and similar events, it has a sort of edge-of-the-world feeling to it, with villas laid out in rows on a green hill overlooking the beach and the sea. The spas are as good as they come, and the private beach and surrounding hiking trails make the resort fairly self-sufficient for most vacationers. That is to say, as with most of these selections, you really don’t need to venture beyond the property if you don’t’ want to – you’ll still enjoy the destination in a very authentic way, and you’ll find all your needs and desires met with an extra flavor of delight.

100071971Image Source: Booking.com

6. The Library – Thailand

This is a particularly unique resort in Koh Samui. In fact, its own website describes it as a “unique conceptual resort,” which has to at least grab your attention! Koh Samui is a famously beautiful destination, and there are plenty of resorts there, but The Library probably offers the area’s most unforgettable vacation. The resort really plays up its theme of literature, calling its suites “blank pages” on which to write stories and pitching its pools and beach areas as perfect places to read and think. There’s something to it all, actually, as the minimalist, modern, but meticulous design of the place keeps you comfortable without overwhelming you. In this sense, it may be the best resort on the list if you simply want to recharge a little bit. It also happens to be known for its infinity pool, which has a red tile floor that gives it the illusion of being blood-red. It’s different, but the contrast with the sea and the surrounding resort is striking, to say the least.

the-library-koh-samui-boutique-resort-chaweng-beach-red-swimming-pool-1Image Source: official resort website

I hope you liked the recommendations. Do consider these when you are planning your next international trip in Asia.

Have you stayed at any of these resorts? Do share your experience with me in the comment section below.



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