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6 Impromptu Travel Ideas for the upcoming long weekends

written by Umang Trivedi September 3, 2017

Recently, a trend of long weekend travel has developed and due to that, finding accommodation at such a short notice is difficult. Hence, I am recommending you some destinations where you can still find an adorable Home Stay to spend some nights in oblivion, away from all your worries.

I have recommended 6 travel ideas, 3 in North India and 3 in South. These destinations offer unforgettable experiences and there is a very high chance that accommodation might still be available at these destinations, despite the holidays being so close.

South India

1) Visit the Hippie side of Hampi

A destination strewn with boulders and ruins, Hampi is a unique place close to Bangalore. Most of the tourists go to the famous destinations like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Ooty, Goa and others. But, Hampi remains to be an appealing alternative to a certain set of people. However, Hampi town might be crowded for the long weekend. Hence, I would recommend you to visit Anegundi village, 20 KMs away from Hampi. There are plenty of Homestays here and even if you arrive without advance booking, some local family will be willing to host you. You might not find the stays available in Anegundi to be luxurious, but they definitely have a unique charm. While staying in Anegundi, you can visit the Anjaneya Hill, Durga Temple and Kishkindha, the monkey kingdom. There are plenty of restaurants near Tungabhadra River, 7 KM away from Anegundi where you can relish some delectable cuisine and relax on their comfortable mattresses and pillows. Yes! There are no tables at these restaurants.


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2) Go on an exploration spree at Krishnagiri

Krishnagiri is another destination which has stayed hidden due to the other famous destinations. This offbeat destination is located very close to the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Diverse language, culture and landscapes are just a drive away! Krishnagiri is not a very famous destination and hence, the number of accommodations is also less. But, if you are willing to stay in tents and explore some camping options, Krishnagiri can offer a surreal experience. The main attraction near Krishnagiri is a hilltop from where you can revel in the beautiful landscapes belonging to all three states; Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. You can also plan for a day hike at Rayakottai fort, located at a distance of 35 KMs from Krishnagiri. A swim in the Krishnagiri dam can be a fulfilling experience. Apart from these attractions, there are plenty of hiking opportunities around Krishnagiri. Being a small village, you can experience the rustic countryside of Tamil Nadu here.


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3) Admire the serenity of Backwaters at Kumarakom

A road trip to Kumarakom might not be possible due to its distance of 588 KM from Bangalore. But, Kumarakom is easily accessible by train and you can book a tatkal ticket till Kottayam. From there, you can take an auto or taxi and reach Kumarakom. Kottayam railway station is also the closest station to Sabarimala temple, a very famous pilgrimage destination in South India. So, if you find the train to be crowded, don’t worry, most of them are planning for Sabarimala Temple. Once you reach Kumarakom, you will find calm landscapes and very few houseboats plying on the waters, battling the thick blanket of floating fauna. An evening Shikara ride in the Kumarakom backwaters extends an impressive sight of orange and pink twilight hues in the sky, created due to the setting Sun. In Kerala, Alleppey is more famous for its backwaters. So, let the crowd go there while you are relaxing in a Shikara, enjoying your time with the purest of nature and silence!

Kumarakom backwaters

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North India

1) Pick fruit from orchards in Fagu

Which destinations come to your mind when you think of hill stations around Delhi? Shimla? Manali? Or Nainital? Well, apart from these popular destinations, there are some really nice villages not very far from the main destinations, but equally beautiful. Fagu is one such alternative to Shimla. Located in vicinity of Shimla, Fagu is best known for the fruit orchards. There are experiential tours which guide you through the entire process of maintaining the orchards and generating adequate produce. Due to the less popularity of Fagu as compared to Shimla or Manali, there are Homestays still available here!

2) Spot unique birds at Pangot & Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Like Fagu is to Shimla, Pangot is to Nainital. Located at a distance of mere 17 KMs from Nainital, Pangot is a bird watcher’s paradise. There are very few Homestays available at Pangot, but because Nainital is more famous compared to Pangot, there is a high chance of accommodation for the long weekend still being available at Pangot. The unique charm about Pangot is an impressive range of bird species that can be spotted here. With more than 250 bird species residing in the woods of Pangot, a bird lover will have a gala time here!

3) Revel in the royalty of Jaipur

Why Jaipur? Isn’t it a famous destination? Won’t the accommodation there be full? On the contrary, there are plenty of accommodation options available in Jaipur. The number of hostels in Jaipur has been increasing consistently in the pink city. In fact, many hostel chains are starting from Jaipur due to the international crowd and ease of setting up a hostel. Irrespective of how crowded Jaipur city becomes, you can always find a bed in one of the many hostels in Jaipur. However, you need to shrug off your preference for luxury if you want to go to Jaipur for this long weekend. But, somewhere, some hostel beds are waiting for you and your friends to enjoy a long weekend.

jaipur zostel

Jaipur Zostel

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I hope you liked my recommendations. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.



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