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Bamboo Rustles, Krishnagiri – A perfect Stay for a quick weekend getaway

written by Umang Trivedi September 3, 2017

I have been a fan of rustic homestays in the middle of nowhere. When I wake up to clean air and a blue sky, speckled with fluffy clouds, I know I’m going to be happy for the day. The blanket of green around drifts me to a state of joy and admiration for nature. Tucked away in the lesser known landscapes of Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu, Bamboo Rustles is one such homestay. Though Krishnagiri is in Tamil Nadu, it is very close to Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka as well. By driving less than 20 KMs, you can enter Andhra Pradesh State Border. However, the landscapes don’t change drastically, as the borders were created by us and not nature.

It is easy to miss Bamboo Rustles. The property isn’t conspicuous if you are not tracking it on the map. If you are going from Bangalore, you need to drive for another 34 KM, traversing through some villages and an adorable countryside. It is very likely that your’s will be the only vehicle passing through these vistas. A wooden gate will appear on your right, hidden between lush green flora. A mud cottage will be peeking from behind the gate, welcoming you to the sprawling campus of Bamboo Rustles.

img_7642 img_7528

The grounds and cottage tucked amidst trees (Bamboo Rustles)

img_7543 img_7504For the love of Hammocks!

Generally, if a homestay is located amidst an area this vast, they have a lot of rooms. But, at Bamboo Rustles, there are only 3 Mud Cottages. We were 8 friends and had booked all three. However, one cottage is big enough to comfortably accommodate 8 guests. There is one king size bed in each cottage, and rest can do with extra mattresses. However, they charge the tariff per head and not per cottage.

The cottages have an old fashioned design but maintained well. All 3 cottages are made out of mud and wood, with some concrete support. They have constructed the cottages far from each other, offering adequate privacy to separate groups. In fact, you cannot see the two other cottages from one. Our cottage was tucked in one corner of the estate and next to us, the numerous trees swayed with the wind. The wooden swing in our porch created nostalgic melodies as it creaked at the hinges, teleporting me back to my childhood days. Back in my hometown, we had a wooden swing and I used to compete with my cousins to see who can jump the longest. We used to jump off the swing when it was at its peak. Back then, we didn’t think if the swing would break. Maybe growing up is not fun.

img_7640 img_7629 img_7636 img_7565 img_7549Our Cottage and surrounding setup at Bamboo Rustles

Beyond the porch, a vast stretch of land stared back at us, as if telling us to take it slow. Some chairs lying near our porch agreed. Patches of green decorated the landscape in front of us. While admiring the surroundings and swaying on the swing we savored a sumptuous lunch. The food contained a very evident local flavor and I relished every bite, giving my taste buds a treat. Some of my friends napped for a while and I walked around the property to make two new friends, Coco and Chica.

Coco and Chica are the two permanent residents at Bamboo Rustles. I said ‘Hi’ to Coco and got a wagging tail in response. So, I decided to let Coco lose and take a walk around. We went and greeted Chica, who was busy rolling in the bushes. It was just me and Coco for the next half an hour until I went and introduced him to my friends, who were now awake. If you own a dog, you can bring him/her along as Bamboo Rustles is a pet-friendly estate. In case your dog doesn’t get along with Coco and Chica, you can ask the manager to tie them up.

In the evening, we ventured out to find a view point recommended by the property manager. We tried to find it but the evening Sun faded away too soon for us to reach the hill top in time and we returned without finding it.

The nights at Bamboo Rustles are also fascinating. Being away from major towns, the night sky, even the horizon looks pitch dark. If it’s a cloudless night, the stars twinkle brightly as the dark canvas set as their stage. Unfortunately, clouds were tonight’s opening act. As we waited for the sky to clear up, the Bamboo Rustles ignited the campfire. We settled near the campfire, all cozy and forgot about the stars. I pestered my friends to take some long exposure shots till our food arrived. A delicious dinner course, the crackling of wood, some rum and the game of Mafia dominated rest of the night.

img_7625Chilling near the Campfire (Bamboo Rustles)

The next day, we ventured out to find the hilltop which offered bountiful views of all three surrounding states; Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. We were able to find it and the view definitely exceeded my expectations. To know more about this hill top and other things to do around, you can read my detailed blog post about Krishnagiri. Rayakottai Fort is one highly recommended attraction near Krishnagiri and you read about it here: Rayakottai Fort – A Lovely Day Hike around Krishnagiri

We returned from the hilltop after soaking in the landscape’s beauty and enjoying the carefree winds. After they served us lunch, we started for Bangalore. We bid adieu to Coco and Chica, thanked the Bamboo Rustles staff for their prompt service and packed some great memories along to reminisce later.

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway, Bamboo Rustles in Krishnagiri might be a perfect option for you due to many reasons. It is located just around 100 KMs from Bangalore, offers lovely landscapes and a very serene vibe. They charge the tariff per person; Rs 2,900 and Rs 2,400 for cottage and tent respectively.

I hope you liked this stay. For more blog posts about such offbeat stays, you can visit here. Would you like to stay here? What do you think about this Homestay? Do let me know your thoughts in comment section below.



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