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Here’s why you need to visit Bhutan at least once in your lifetime

written by Umang Trivedi April 10, 2017

We Indians might crib about how we don’t get Visa on Arrival in many countries. Especially the developed countries like UK, USA & Australia. We say how it is great for Europeans to just take a random train and explore a new country any weekend. But, we have to go through a Visa application process for the same.

Now, If Europeans have hassle free entry in almost every European country, we can also visit beautiful countries like Bhutan without hassles. I have visited Bhutan and was glad to hold an Indian passport then. Why? Because, a foreign citizen has to pay $200 or $250 per day, based on corresponding month, during their trip to Bhutan! That’s almost Rs 13,000 per day, while we spent 7 days in Bhutan for that amount.

So, before planning for Europe or US, you should definitely visit Bhutan and soak in the alluring landscapes and heart warming experiences that this country has to offer. So, here I am going to list down three main reasons to visit Bhutan, apart from the friendly diplomatic relations with India.

  1. Breathtaking and serene landscapes

 Well, a nature lover like me would always prefer landscapes in its purest form. Throwing back my head slightly and viewing the sunlit horizon, without any concrete obstruction, offers me great joy. A joy so exhilarating that I wish to just leave everything and stay there. Bhutan is an epitome of such amazing landscapes. The lovely green blanket of tender trees along with swaying winds makes Bhutan landscapes blissful. The towns of Thimpu & Paro are the only major destinations in Bhutan with considerably significant civilization. But, an hour’s drive away from these towns will take you to perfect landscapes.

places to visit in Bhutan

2. Monasteries & Dzongs

In Bhutan, the surreal landscapes are not always unobstructed. Sometimes, they are, because of the dominating structures of Monasteries and Dzongs. I saw one such view when I was in Bumthang, Bhutan.

A quaint little town in Bhutan countryside, Bumthang is a gem of destination and I would surely call it an offbeat one. Devoid of swarms of tourists, Bumthang has a peaceful river flowing. The surrounding town can be measured in footsteps. While we were exploring the village, we noticed a compelling edifice, perched atop a nearby hillock. A low-hanging layer of clouds created an imposing backdrop as we admired the beauty of this Dzong. Next day we visited here and witnessed how beautiful the town looked from the vantage point. We also visited a nearby monastery where we were welcomed by the resident monks and offered tea and breakfast. They served us with a wide & welcoming smile on their face. Another fantastic experience of visiting a monastery was trekking to Tiger’s Monastery near Paro. That was indeed an exuberating experience!

Such Dzongs and Monasteries are spread across Bhutan, with each structure having a unique feel to it.

places to visit in bhutan

3. Warm Hospitality

Almost everyone greets you here with a smile. They invite you to your home, they nod their heads and greet, they make you feel home and don’t honk at you without any good reason. If Bhutan tourism has flourished and more people are adding it to their bucket list, the warm hospitality here is certainly one of the reasons. There were several occasions where I was touched by their hospitality. Be it a storekeeper, a HomeStay owner or monastery monks, they love Indians and will treat you with absolute respect and courtesy. It is this warmth that etches a long lasting and pleasant impression of the minds of travelers.

These are the most primary reasons why I loved Bhutan. However, there were many smaller reasons as well. How peace loving they are, how well behaved the traffic is or how there are almost no street vendors trying to take you for a ride. All these reasons come together to create a perfect destination for you to enjoy! Of course, the authentic local food here tops up the entire experience like a cherry on a cake.


So, next time you plan a long trip, do consider Bhutan instead of Europe or US.

I hope you liked my blog, do reach out to me in case you need any help with planning. If you have already visited Bhutan, do let me know your experience in the comment section. You can read more about my Bhutan experiences here.



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1 comment

Prerak June 8, 2017 at 12:14 am

hey Umang, really loved your work and appreciate the way you are inspiring people like us to travel to an unknown destination with so much confidence.
Actually, I am a 23 yr old -restricted in my IT cubicle who wants to travel somewhere in the month of August. Its not that I am travelling for the first time or I don’t like travelling. I really love it and I admire those people who can actually pursue this as their passion. Because somewhere even I see myself as a person who loves to make itineraries for his friends, assist people who are actually visiting some place for the first time or share his experiences with full heart and joy .
Anyway, my point is I am here because I saw your blog and saw that you have a lot of experience to share, so wanted some piece of advice from you. The thing is I am travelling alone for the first time. I really don’t want to depend on some group or convince my friends to travel with me. I want to be on my own this time. So the thing is I am currently working in Pune and thinking to travel in the month of August or September for 3-4 days.Budget: 15-20K.Place preference as of now: East India [because I have never been there before]or Bhutan. See currently my motto is, I am open to any place where backpacking is not an issue. I want to live a local’s life for a few days, eat their cuisine, understand their culture, do some adventure activities and explore the place as much as I can.
So if you could take out some time and suggest me a place in India or our neighbours where I can visit and come back with a handful of memories, that would be really great. 🙂
Thanks .Btw this side Prerak .


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