Agrasen ki Baoli

Visit to Agrasen ki Baoli in Delhi – An Archaeological Monument

Amidst the traffic and pollution, Delhi still offers great attractions to folks interested in admiring the rich heritage of India. Dotted by archaeological monuments, Delhi has a wide spectrum of historical edifices for a curious traveller. The intricate designs and historical significance makes each monument unique and worth a visit.

Being the administrative capital on India, the monuments are also well maintained and receive adequate attention from the government authorities. However, there is always scope of improving the condition of monuments. But owing to a large number of visitors, it becomes a mammoth task to keep it spick and span.

The good thing about Delhi is that you will find such archaeological monuments at many corners right within the city. Such monuments are just a walking distance from many hotels in Delhi.  One such monument which stands very close to Connaught Place is Agrasen ki Baoli.

I visited here recently and with a backdrop of skyscrapers, this monument took me back in history. As I entered the Baoli premises, I felt like stepping in a chapter of another historic era. The walls surrounding the Baoli have admirable carvings which epitomes the aesthetic sense of artisans. In the monument’s centre, 108 steps dominated the view as they led towards the Baoli. A Baoli is essentially a step well or pond and is reached by descending such steps. Mostly used as a reservoir, a Baoli was constructed to store water and fulfill needs of surrounding villages.

Agrasen ki Baoli

The 108 steps led me to the water body which resides at the bottom of Baoli. Due to the closed area and lack of sunlight, the water isn’t necessarily clean. Bats screeched as they sat in the dark corners and I preferred climbing back to take a seat on the steps, away from the bats. Visitors sat on the steps hanging out with friends or family. Pigeons circled above the clear evening sky as shades of orange started dominating it.

Agrasen ki Baoli came into prominence as a mainstream tourist attraction when the movie ‘PK’ was released starring Aamir Khan. The recent flick ‘Sultan’ starring Salman Khan also showed the superstar working out and climbing the steps in the Baoli while carrying a load of bricks.

Agrasen ki Baoli might not be the best attraction in Delhi. But, if you are in Connaught Place in Delhi, you can surely pay a short visit here.

Have you been to Agrasen ki Baoli or any other archaeological monuments in Delhi? Do let me know your experience in comments below.




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