Here’s why now might be a good time to visit London

The well-paved lanes, architectural buildings, red buses, thriving nightlife, historic edifices and a bustling cityscape, that’s London in a snapshot. Being a major commerce destination in Europe, London also offers a multitude of business opportunities. Due to its many faces, London attracts travelers from all across the globe, be it for business or leisure.

Here, I am going to talk how the British Pound has been performing as compared to INR and why you should visit London now.

When 2016 started, British Pound was very strong. It was showing strength and promise to become even stronger with time. However, foreign exchange is difficult to predict and after oscillating in the range of INR 90 to 100 per GBP till July, it started plummeting. In a span of 3 months, it had fallen almost 20 points and reached around Rs 81 per GBP. Now, in the past couple of months, GBP has started gaining gradually and has reached Rs 85 per GBP. You can refer the below mentioned graph to analyze how GBP performed this year.

See? London and UK are so much cheaper post the exchange rate gains. 1 GBP = 85 INR as compared to 100 INR a year back. So, how much save due to it? Well, pretty substantial I’d say. Let’s have a look.

Suppose you have a budget of Rs 1,00,000 for your London trip. You would have bought 1000 pounds earlier. Now at the current rate, to buy 1,000 pounds, you need to shell out Rs 85,000! So, you are saving Rs 15,000 flat!

Now, if you notice the trend in the last 2 months, GBP seems to be catching up. In next 5 months, GBP might again reach INR 100 mark! So, you should definitely buy Pounds now and plan your London trip.

But, there might be one issue for many, the season. December is not looked upon as the most favorable season to visit London. But, the city has its own charm in winters. Also, the airfares are cheaper, helping you save even more. Keep an eye on leading airlines like British Airways and you might be able to get a good deal. The GBP rates and off season would this the best time to travel to London with British Airways.

Contrary to popular belief, winters in London can also offer a wide range of activities or attractions to a traveler. You can indulge in some shopping and if you are flying with British Airways, you can avail some exciting offers and sales as well. Check out the exclusive offers for British Airways customer.

To enjoy the Christmas and New Year Celebrations, you can visit the Thames to admire the brilliant fireworks show as the clock strikes 12. Apart from this, there are many other things to do in London as well.

So, if you have waited till now to plan for London, wait no more! Go ahead and fulfill your travel goal!



Umang Trivedi

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