Magnolia Resorts – An abode amidst a Coffee Plantation in Coorg

A slight nip in the air made me hide my hands in the jacket pockets. I looked up the sky with no sign of sun and then settled my eyes on the pathway in front of me. Dotted by lush green coffee plantations on both sides, the way looked beautiful. A rain drop bounced off my forehead as I was being taken to the reception area of Magnolia Resorts from the main gate. I retracted my head inside the car as clouds above me hinted an impending shower.

magnolia resorts

Lush green trees and landscapes at Magnolia Resorts

Rain drops from the previous shower were still hanging on the coffee leaves like they enjoyed their state of existence before becoming one with earth. But, their time was up as the leaves swayed gently with a strong waft of wind, shaking the droplets off. The wind was an opening act for a grander show of nature and it started pouring hard. As a blanket of mist covered the pathway in front of me, I started asking Arun some questions about Magnolia Resorts.

Resting in the shade of a hillock stands the beautiful property of Magnolia Resorts. The 73 acres area of a coffee plantation is maintained well and provides an up and close encounter with nature. Amidst this surreal coffee plantation, Magnolia Resorts leaves a mark as a lovely property, giving a leisure traveler all that he every wanted. Away from civilization, Magnolia Resorts has been recently inaugurated and your’s truly was invited for the same.

Considering my penchant for offbeat travel, Magnolia Resorts scored very high on my checklist. Sure, Coorg might not qualify as an offbeat travel destination, but Magnolia Resorts definitely makes to my list of offbeat stays where I list properties having a unique touch for guests. In addition to the coffee plants, the estate also had pepper plants, oranges, mangoes and a wide variety of flowers too. It was indeed a brilliant show conjured up by nature but performed by the staff at Magnolia Resorts.

magnolia resorts

A unique flower, known as birds of paradise due to its resemblance to birds.

magnolia resorts

Coffee Seeds on a plant

So, what’s so unique about Magnolia resorts? For me, a stay is unique if it helps you in being closer to what’s unique in a destination. Most of the destinations have its own charm and are famous for that. Like Amritsar is known for its food, Mcleodganj for the Tibetian colony, Munnar for Tea plantations and Hampi for ruins and boulders. Similarly, Coorg is famous as a Coffee destination. Magnolia Resorts in Coorg helps you stay amidst a coffee plantation with panache and elegance.  The flavor of Coorg that Magnolia served me, was beyond my expectations.

To begin with, I was enthralled by the contrast created by a blanket of lush green coffee plants and the cloud covered sky. In one frame of vision, I saw the clouds create a canvas for nature to paint shades of green. Sometimes, hillocks emerged as the third subject in this live painting when one big cloud drifted with the wind to make way for another.

magnolia resorts

Lake Turquoise in the estate. The hillocks in the backdrop are covered by clouds in this pic.


magnolia resorts

Taking a walk in Magnolia Resorts


magnolia resorts

The path out of our cottage

After admiring the surroundings, I checked in my room and it delighted me! The rooms were elegant, but not pompous. No display of bright and golden decorations, but a subtle charm which makes you feel like home. A perfect vacation is made of many components and this tastefully maintained room was definitely a major one. The interiors of the cottage were pretty impressive.

Another major component of a memorable trip is food. Like me, many of you live to eat and not eat to live. Well, the staff at Magnolia Resorts also believe the same. The heartfelt hospitality and food were a great combination and I enjoyed every meal with a smile on my countenance. A wide variety of scrumptious Coorgi cuisine adorned my plate every time the clock struck lunch or dinner time. A classy bar juxtaposed with the restaurant offered a lovely open air experience of relishing your favorite drinks.


Magnolia resorts

My room at Magnolia Resorts


Magnolia bar

Having a hearty drink


Magnolia Resorts

The restaurant at Magnolia Resorts

During my stay, the staff took me on a tour of Magnolia Estates. The alluring estate has two lakes which add to the beauty of the property. We also saw the Villa made with fine craftsmanship and love for tradition. Perched on an elevated ground, the Villa offers an impressive view of the coffee estate. This 3 bedroom villa is located a bit far from the other cottages and hence gives you a very private experience. The Villa is an Ideal place for a family getaway.

Magnolia resorts

A room in the villa


Magnolia resorts

The traditional square in the Villa like in traditional houses in South India

We also saw the impressive club house which has amenities like Basketball, Badminton court, Billiards, Snooker, conference rooms and library along with board games. There are bicycles available for rent to take a tour of the entire estate.

Magnolia Resorts

Snooker table at magnolia resorts. I tried my hand for a game or two


Magnolia Resorts

Cycles available at the club house



Before checking out of Magnolia Resorts, we decided to enjoy a short hike behind the property. The hike took us through a dense and unkempt forest where tall grass, stalwart trees and overwhelming sounds of nature surrounded us. We hiked for an hour to reach a view point from where I could see the entire coffee estate & Resorts. We saw the cluster of cottages, covered by a gigantic green carpet.

Magnolia Resorts

We hiked through tall grass & plants…


Magnolia resorts

… and dense forest

Magnolia Resorts

Reached a spectacular view point . . . . .


Magnolia Resorts

The cottages as seen from the view point after hiking

The next day, we checked out of Magnolia Resorts, only to carry wonderful memories with us.

If you are planning for a lovely getaway, do consider Magnolia Resorts. For detailed information, you can visit their website.

This post is part of an attempt to capture lovely & offbeat stays in India where I have personally stayed. Explore my picks by visiting the Offbeat Stays section.




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