Planning for a foreign trip? Here’s why you should consider a trip to Israel

Planning for a foreign trip? Here’s why you should consider a trip to Israel.

In this era where folks are traveling more than ever, there are a few countries which are yet to receive the deserved attention. Everyone seems to be planning for Europe or Australia. But, there are some gems which can easily exceed your expectations.

As an offbeat traveler, I have a penchant for such countries or destinations which are not yet marred by a huge influx of tourists. Seriously, try going to Eiffel tower on a pleasant summer day. You will discover the beautiful landmark riddled with tourists. The crowd, however, doesn’t reduce the beauty of Eiffel tower at all. It is still a marvelous epitome of French heritage. But, the crowd will always be there due to the immense fame of this architectural beauty.

However, beautiful countries like Israel are still off the very popular tourist grid. So, before the gems of Israel start receiving due attention by the same tourist circuit, you should definitely plan your trip here. Relish the experiences offered in Israel without standing in long queues and struggling to find a nice spot to imprint memories on celluloid. While the mainstream tourism in India is still focused in Europe, Australia and other popular destinations, break away from it and visit Israel. More and more folks are visiting Israel, soon to become the next big thing for Indian tourists. They have realized the potential Israel holds and you should too. Let’s see what makes Israel a lovely country to visit.

Israel, a country in the Middle East, is a holy land and abode to many religions. The cultural diversity in Israel is as impressive as its coastline along the Mediterranean Sea. Visiting Israel will offer you a peek into its cultural & heritage wealth, lively lifestyle and culinary delights which define Israel in a way. The myriad range of experiences conjures an exclusive vacation which no other country can offer. Here, I am listing some unique experiences which will make your trip to Israel worthwhile.

1) Explore Jerusalem and discover the cultural and heritage heart of Israel

Home to many religions, Jerusalem is a cradle of culture in Israel. Jews, Christians & Muslims live in harmony and have existed in an amicable environment for ages. Not only the residents, but people belonging to these religions from all over the world hold Jerusalem in high respect.

The most prominent attraction in Jerusalem is the Old city. You can explore this area and get accustomed to the rich culture and heritage of Israel. For example, The Western Wall is a significant holy place for Jews and history behind this marvel is fascinating. To observe the lifestyle of locals, you can visit Mahane Yehuda Market, a good spot to collect souvenirs and indulge in some local culinary delight.

Western Wall in Old City, Jerusalem

Western Wall in Old City, Jerusalem

2) Embrace the lively nightlife of Tel Aviv

If Jerusalem is a city with unparallel religious and cultural significance, Tel Aviv is a rendezvous point for nightlife enthusiasts. A bustling city laminated brightly with impressive lights, Tel Aviv is a coastal paradise. In late evenings, flashy lights emanating from the beach side lounges and hotels, bounce off the calm waters of Mediterranean Sea with flair. As the twilight colors of horizon sky fade away with the gorgeous sunset, the upbeat venues & restaurants with great culinary expertise make the city ambiance jazzy. Due to its diversified crowd made of young, upbeat and beautiful people, Tel Aviv has earned a favorite spot in many hearts. Tel Aviv is popularly & rightly defined as the city which never stops.

Culinary delight in Tel Aviv


The beautiful coast line of Tel Aviv

3) Discover a unique wonder in form of Dead Sea

Since its discovery, the Dead Sea has attracted many curious travelers. Due to high buoyancy of the Dead Sea, you can float without any life jackets or other similar gears. Located at an altitude of 427 meters lower than sea level, Dead Sea is the lowest place on the Earth’s surface.

Millions of years ago, Dead Sea was nothing but a depression in flat land. Over time, it was filled with rainwater which subsequently amassed a a considerable amount of salt and minerals due to the below sea level altitude and surrounding landscapes. When discovered, it was already a wonder and till date remains to be an object of study for Geologists. The Dead Sea is actually a salt lake and is landlocked. The surrounding deserts offer magnificent landscapes to admire and revel in nature’s beauty.

Floating in Dead Sea

Apart from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea, Israel is also home to many other destinations and interesting attractions. Eilat is one destination which is famous for surreal beaches and snorkeling opportunities. Haifa city is famous for the terraced Bahai Gardens, also known as Hanging Gardens of Haifa. There are many other destinations in Israel which will make your trip a complete package.

Israel is a bouquet of fascinating cities, attractions and experiences. A trip to Israel will leave you many colorful memories which you will gladly reminisce throughout your life. So, if you have not been to Israel yet, plan a trip here before visiting Europe, Australia or any other mainstream tourism destination. Here’s a short video about the beautiful facets of Israel.

Have you already been to Israel? Let me know your experiences and comments below!



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