Vivo V5 – A Travel Companion for Selfie Lovers

Travel photography has taken huge strides recently. The technological advancements in camera devices are impressive. The image quality is increasing and the bulkiness of camera device is decreasing. These days, many folks are happy to carry a phone with a good camera and leave their bulky DSLR cameras back. Travelers prefer to travel light these days and a good camera phone helps them a great deal in dropping a few Kilograms while packing. Phone manufacturers are concentrating on creating really good rear cameras and some of them are also good enough to replace a DSLR camera. Solves the purpose of traveling light, doesn’t it?

However, an important domain of travel photography is being ignored or paid less attention to by many mobile brands. I am referring to Front Camera which has become an important feature for a traveler who doesn’t mind taking selfies with loved ones.

While traveling these days, we all take selfies and this has been an ongoing trend. I also take selfies and try to fit in one frame along with my friends. But, more often than not, I find myself cornered by low light and less Megapixel front camera during late evenings. I would love to take a selfie along with my friends while overlooking a peaceful valley after sunset. But, most of the mobile phones don’t allow you to take good quality selfies in low light.

For such situations, the newly launched Vivo V5 mobile phone offers relief to travelers. Be it a bonfire or a rejuvenating walk in the wilderness, Vivo V5 lets you take selfies in low light. Due to the 20 Megapixel front camera, Vivo V5 helps you take the perfect selfie in any low light setting. Vivo V5 is the first ever 20 Megapixel front camera phone for a moonlight selfie and the product definitely helps one take memorable selfies even in low light.


Such technological advances continue giving more and more joy to a curious traveler. Traveling without creating memories isn’t fun and this perfect front camera helps travelers relive their happy memories, again and again, be it a thrilling adventure or a tryst with nature.

If you are thinking of purchasing a mobile device which would also suit your travel needs, you should definitely consider Vivo V5!



Umang Trivedi


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