Forysth Lodge

Forsyth Lodge – Satpura Tiger Reserve | Madhya Pradesh

Forsyth Lodge is a lovely property nestled amidst the dense landscapes of Satpura tiger reserve. The property remains under wraps until you approach the gate. A rough road goes through farms and when it reaches Forsyth Lodge, you are in the denser part of the forest.  


Forsyth Lodge exudes a rustic charm when you enter the property. Surrounded by stalwart trees, you can’t really see the whole property as some part is always hidden behind the huge tree trunks. The interiors were adorned by furniture which was aesthetically crafted from wood. The walls proudly exhibited wildlife images, shots which can definitely get a place in favorites folder of any wildlife lover. In a corner, some books on wildlife were neatly places on a wooden shelf. I picked up a book on tigers and started walking towards my room.


Forysth LodgeDining table near the reception area


As I walked towards my room, I saw the bright blue swimming pool gleaming under the afternoon sun. The sun rays bounced off the water and a couple of tree leaves floated in one corner of the pool. I was already planning to take a dip in the pool later. I crossed the pool with a smile and reached my room.


Forysth Lodge

The swimming pool. I loved the charm it exuded!


When I reached the room, my smile broadened further. The king size bed looked super comfortable and I was proved right when I sat on it. There was a back door in the room which opened to lush green foliage. There were neat couches arranged in the backyard. I settled there and started reading about tigers. It was going to be a good weekend!


Forysth Lodge

Forysth Lodge

Forysth Lodge

Forysth Lodge

The Rooms at Forsyth Lodge, Satpura tiger reserve


Later that afternoon, I took a dip in the swimming pool and had a relaxed time. During my stay at Forsyth Lodge, I experienced Jeep Safari in the core forest, a walk in the dense part of forest and canoe ride for bird watching. I also attended butterfly watching and star gazing session which was conducted beautifully by the naturalists at Forsyth Lodge. 


The evenings in Satpura forest are surreal. The peaceful ambiance makes you feel closer to nature. The evening birds are chirping cheerfully, calling it a day. As we traverse through the rough terrains of Satpura tiger reserve, the humming of our Jeep engine is the only sound clearly audible. Rest of it was like a distant whisper. Be it crumbling of dry twigs under Jeep wheels, ruffling of trees leaves due to wind, hooting of monkeys atop tree branches or evening calls of a joyful peacock. Everything seemed buried deep inside the forest. But, at times, our Jeep stopped and all we could hear was nature. In a moment, the humming would start again and then, silence! The moments of silence were my best moments while exploring the forest limits. I experienced these golden moments during the Jeep Safari and our walk. 


The canoe ride which allowed us to observe many birds was also impressive. The Denwa river looks really beautiful at sunrise! To read about my detailed experience of safari and canoeing, please read my blog about Satpura Tiger Reserve here.


Forysth lodge

The early morning canoe ride on Denwa river!


The best thing about Forsyth lodge and Satpura tiger reserve is that both are devoid of tourists. While the Safaris and Canoe ride, we didn’t see any tourists apart from us! Not with us during the Safari at least.


If you are planning to explore the tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh, do include Satpura Tiger reserve in your itinerary and stay at Forsyth Lodge for an experience of lifetime!



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