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Mountain Dew Homestay, Wayanad – Kerala

Mountain Dew Homestay in Wayanad is a perfect option for you if you are looking for a stay in wilderness. We checked in Mountain Dew Homestay when I visited Wayanad last. It was indeed a great choice. We discovered various aspects of the homestay gradually and were impressed more every time.


mountain dew homestayThe view of Mountain Dew Homestay

The host welcomed us with a warm smile and escorted to our rooms. The spacious rooms were a great relief and the cherry on this cake was the wide balconies. The balcony stared in the forest and offered a very relaxing view. The trees swayed gleefully with the wind as if dancing joyfully to an alluring melody. It was October when we visited Wayanad and the retreat monsoon was at it’s best. The slight drizzle made the environment enchanting and slight nip in air compelled to wrap a warm cloth over our shoulders. It was pleasant weather and the location of Mountain Dew homestay brought out the best of it. There was a dining table setup in the lobby balcony. We settled there after taking in bountiful views of the forest from our room balconies. I saw a shelf filled with books and couldn’t resist picking up a nice read.


mountain dew homestay mountain dew homestay


While we were soaking the lovely ambiance of Mountain dew homestay, it was already lunchtime. The owner of homestay invited us to have lunch and was helped by a kind looking fellow. As we savored authentic Kerala delicacies, our owner helped us chalk out an itinerary. We didn’t want to leave this homestay and sacrifice hours on sightseeing. But, I had been to Wayanad for the first time and couldn’t skip marveling at the sights Wayanad offers. 


Around 4 pm, we left to explore some attractions. To read my detailed sightseeing experience for Wayanad, head to my Wayanad Itinerary blog.


Late in the evening, we arrived back at Mountain Dew Homestay where hot food awaited us. The aroma of freshly cooked Kerala parathas and chicken curry drew us right to the dining table. We had asked uncle to prepare lesser rice but, he wanted to make sure that we don’t sleep hungry. He suggested that there wouldn’t be anything available if your hunger awakens at night and kindly offered us more food. This gesture of hospitality touched me. This is the exact reason why I love homestays! You are not dealing with a hotelier but, a kind person who just wishes to extend his hospitality to travelers and help them craft a cherish-able experience. 


The next day, we again eloped to various attractions in Wayanad. We returned a bit early in the evening to experience a forest trail right behind Mountain dew homestay. The path was strewn by twigs and dry leaves, crumbling under our steps. The evening birds chirped joyfully as they retired from a day full of scouting and flying. Faint shades of orange still adorned the grey sky as the Sun wrapped an act of kindness. The act of brightening the mesmerizing landscapes of Wayanad!

12 mountain dew homestay wayanad


Our experience of staying at Mountain dew homestay was just spectacular. If you have ever dreamed of staying in wilderness and savor amazing local cuisine, Mountain Dew homestay is just the right option for you. 


The pricing is also not very steep and is affordable. The owner is very helpful and takes pride in serving customers the best. 


mountain dew homestay wayanadWith the homestay owners, helped and friends

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