kurumba village resort

Kurumba Village Resort – Discovering a Gem in South India

It was early morning and I had just checked in my room at Kurumba Village Resort. I threw my bag on the bed and walked in the balcony. I discovered a sight to behold! Cotton like clouds floated gently close to a mountain in distance. The mighty peak stayed concealed behind the clouds. Lush green trees danced to the gentle wind. As the fresh dew drops trickled down the tree leaves, the slight nip in air made me wrap my arms around me. I took a deep breath and gaped at the lovely view.


kurumba village resort kurumba village resortThe view and my balcony


I prepared coffee and settled in the cosy chair. As I wrapped my fingers around the hot cup  the infinity pool in distance looked alluring. The waft of mild wind created gentle ripples in the water. 


kurumba village resortThe infinity pool as viewed from my room


I admired the untouched beauty of nature around me. Gradually, the sky started to illuminate. Through the dense clouds, a blanket of bright sunrays took over the landscapes. The previously concealed mountain peak was now shining vividly. I observed the beauty in front of me. I was already in awe of the lovely nature.


The birds sat atop trees, waiting for the dew drops to evaporate off their winds. They sang cheerfully, spreading happiness! I liked my welcome at Kurumba village resort.


A gem in South India, Kurumba village resort isn’t discovered by many yet. Situated at a distance of 13 KMs from Coonoor, Kurumba village resort is nestled amidst lush green mountains and picturesque landscapes. Settled in a valley between two mountains, Kurumba village resort is a dream destination for someone who wants to have a relaxed time with lved ones. The Nilgiri Mountains and green trees paint an unforgettable picture!


My favorite part of the Kurumba village resort was the infinity swimming pool. The blue patch of water looked stunning amidst green pastures and beautiful mountains. In the afternoon, I decided to take a swim in the pool and what an amazing experience it was! The view from the swimming pool was unparalleled. I had never taken a dip in a swimming pool so grand!

kurumba village resort kurumba village resort kurumba village resortThe infinity pool, I took a nice refreshing dip in the lovely waters


I swam for a while in the pool. I calmly rested my fore arms on edge of the pool and gaped at the beautiful landscape that spread in front of me. 


As I relaxed in the lovely waters, my senses were excited by a fresh aroma of breakfast. A wide buffet waited for me in the restaurant and I gladly strolled my way to it. The breakfast tasted even more delicious with a view like this. 


kurumba village resortThe restaurant at Kurumba Village resort


After breakfast, I relaxed for a while in my spacious room. 



Later in the afternoon, I tried some adventure activities like zip lining, tyre climbing etc. It was fun and invigorating to indulge in such activities amidst the lovely nature.


kurumba village resort kurumba village resort kurumba village resortAdventure activities at Kurumba village resort



In the evening, I experienced cave dining for the first time. The setup was something which I experienced for the 1st time and absolutely loved it. The ancient cave must have been there in existence for a long time, tucked away in wilderness. But, Kurumba village resort created a lovely experience out of it. I was served by a personal chef who created dishes according to my preferences. The delicacies were lip smacking and the lovely ambiance created a great & admirable experience. I would later realize that Cave dining was the best dining experience I ever had! It was impressive to know what one can do with nothing but a cave!


kurumba village resortCave dining experience at Kurumba Village Resort


The next morning, I indulged in some bird watching which was exhilarating. Cheerful birds filled the atmosphere with joy as the naturalist guided me through each corner, pointing out birds hidden behind branches.  


kurumba village resortSpotting a bird while bird watching



My stay at Kurumba village resort was indeed fulfilling. I loved every second I spent there. But, my personal highlights are mentioned below


i) Infinity swimming pool: Spledid pool with a lovely view


ii) Location: Perfect location, away from the hustle of tourist destination, but still comfortably close to attractions around.


iii) Activities: Wide array of activities like zip lining, tyre climbing, bird watching, spice plantation walk, cave dining etc.


iv) Food and hospitality: Delectable items and freshly prepared food left a mark in my taste palette.


If you are planning to visit the Coonoor, Ooty, Kotagiri belt, I would surely recommend you to stay in Kurumba Village Resort.


This post is part of an attempt to capture lovely & offbeat stays in India where I have personally stayed. Explore my picks by visiting the Offbeat Stays section.



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