Bandipur Safari Lodges

Bandipur Safari Lodges – A Beautiful Stay in Wilderness

A cool waft of air flung the windows wide open. The bamboo tree in our backyard created mesmerizing sounds and the evening birds chirped their way back to nests. The overcast sky didn’t let us see the last rays of sun and created an alluring ambiance, just perfect for us to relax in our quaint cottages. A lightening and thunder started a mild shower, crafting a lovely aura of petrichor.  The leaves looked greener and the sky illustrious. Far away at the horizon, dark clouds surrounded a hillock, superseding it’s true magnanimity. Two greatest forms of nature were trying dominate, mountains and clouds! We wrapped our fingers around a warm cup of tea and became a spectator to clouds’ increasing fervor. Maybe for a couple of hours, the mountain would allow clouds to dominate it’s existence, until the rains percolated the earth and left the clouds light.


We had just returned from our evening safari and after a quick snack of pakoras, accompanied by tea, we had made ourselves cozy in our cottages. You can read my detailed safari experience here.


A 5 hour drive from Bangalore had brought us to Bandipur Safari Lodges, a prominent property of “Jungle Lodges and Resorts”. Nestled amidst enchanting forests and surrounding by mesmerizing sounds of nature, Bandipur Safari Lodges leaves a mark in the wilderness of Bandipur national park.

Bandipur Safari Lodges

Benches and hammocks were spread through out the property

Bandipur Safari Lodges is an integral part of Jungle Lodges & Resorts. Abbreviated as JLR, these properties are located at some of the best destinations in South India. Bandipur, Bhemeshwari, Devbaug, Galibore are to name a few beautiful destinations where JLR properties have been serving travelers for a long time now.


This well kept property is located in a sprawling area, in proximity to Bandipur forest. Located very close to the main gate of Bandipur national park, Bandipur safari lodges is easy to reach. It’s difficult to miss the sign which appears on your left if you are driving to Bandipur from Bangalore.

Bandipur Safari Lodges Bandipur Safari LodgesOur Cottages at Bandipur Safari Lodges

Bandipur Safari Lodges had made sure that our stay was comfortable and planned. Our 2 days and one night were planned well, providing us the best glimpse of Bandipur without making our schedule very hectic.

We reached around 12 pm. The lunch was prepared by 1:30 pm and by 3:10, we were set to embark upon the exciting Safari in Bandipur national park. The Safari lasted for 2.5-3 hours during which we explored various zones. After reaching back to the property, we savored some scrumptious pakoras and tea. There was a documentary filmed for us and subsequently, we were served delectable dinner. A bonfire was lit for the guests to cozy up under starry sky and in cool winds.


The next day started with a morning safari. I love morning safaris as the day starts off with mild moonlight and eventually transforms to a sunny and gorgeous morning. Opportunities for bird watching are plenty in morning as the birds settle atop trees to let the dew drops evaporate off their wings. The wild animals are also prone to make movements in search of preys.


During our safaris, we weren’t able to witness presence of a tiger or leopard, but we saw deer, gaur, monitor lizard, red mongoose, crested serpent Eagle, peacock, Sambaar, tusker and a brown hare. The favorite part of our safari was the beautiful green forest which looked illustrious due to mild showers and overcast sky. The peace which engulfed the environment was spectacular and we really felt one with nature.


Bandipur Safari Lodges was a good choice for us to spend a weekend at Bandipur. The staff was friendly and hospitality was lovely. The cottages were cozy, offering a sense of being close to nature. I liked the way cottages were named and designed. Our cottage was named ‘Gaur’. The walls and bed sheets had large images of the elegant animal.

gaurroom roomLovely Rooms – Image Source – Official Website


Personally, the best part for me here, apart from staying in wilderness, was food. The buffet didn’t consist of fancy spread and exotic dishes, but a variety of home like delicacies. We couldn’t help but eat to our heart’s full! Bandipur Safari Lodges also had a small bar where you can choose your poison. However, drinking, partying and creating nuisance is not appreciated here.


Apart from safari, there are plenty of other activities where one can participate. However, due to lack of time, we were only able to enjoy safari rides and wildlife documentary.


We had a lovely weekend at Bandipur Safari Lodges. I am an admirer of nature and staying here gave me plenty opportunities to admire nature and marvel at it’s beauty.




Here, I have tried to answer some questions that might arise before booking Bandipur Safari Lodges.


1) How to reach Bandipur Safari Lodges


It’s pretty easy to reach here. We drove our way from Bangalore. We hired a self drive car and it cost us Rs 4,000 and Rs 1,540 worth Diesel for two days.


However, if you are looking for a budget mode, you can catch a train from Bangalore to Nanjangud. From Nanjangud, there are local buses plying to Bandipur and beyond. These buses can drop you at the gates of Bandipur Safari Lodges if you inform the driver in advance. A to and fro journey would cost you Rs 300 per person.


2) Check in, Check out times


The check in time is 12 pm and check out time is 11 am here.


3) Where to book from?


I booked my stay from


For booking please contact 094492-44567 or email at


4) What is the tariff?


The per person, per night tariff is as mentioned below


1st June to 31st August : Rs 7,100 (Cottage), Rs 7,700 (Special Cottage)

Other dates: Rs 8,040 (Cottage), Rs 8,740 (Special Cottage)

The above charges are for Indians. For foreigners, it is Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000 more.


5) What all is included in the tariff?


The tariff includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, stay, 2 Jeep safaris, guide fees, camera fees, forest entry fees, guided nature walk and all the taxes.


I hope you liked the blog. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. If you have been to Bandipur before, I would love to hear your experience!

This post is part of an attempt to capture lovely & offbeat stays in India where I have personally stayed. Explore my picks by visiting the Offbeat Stays section.



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