types of people you see in casino

8 Types of People You see in a Casino

Goa is known for having the most brilliant casinos in India. Even if you are not a gambler, you can visit a casino, eat, drink, make merry and observe people as they try their luck.

I went to Deltin Royale recently, the best casino in Goa according to me! I spent an entire night there, gambling for fun and savoring a delectable buffet spread.

But the best part was observing various folks out there, gambling and displaying their idiosyncrasies to an enchanted audience.

Here, I bring you 8 types of people I saw in a casino. Do let me know if you have been to a casino and saw someone similar!

1) The Over-Enthusiastic bunch

This group, which is making the noisiest on casino floor, comprises of youngsters, aged around 25 years. They are just a year or two in their corporate jobs. After being graduated from an elite college, they landed a fat salary and don’t think that savings is a good idea just yet. However, they would sweat their brows off if they lose more than Rs 10,000.

So, this stud from the group goes to roulette table and bets Rs 500 on ‘Even’. Boom! He wins! The group is jumping out of their skin, screaming their way through the roof, turning a hundred necks on the casino floor! “How much did you win?” asks someone. “500 bitch!” exclaims this stud with the chin up!

types of people you see in casinoOver enthusiastic group!

2) The beginner with luck, a lot of it

Since college, this guy wanted to become a professional poker player. Finally, in his mid ages, he decides to live his dream. After studying a book on poker for half an hour, he was ready; or that’s what he thought! He plans to play poker in a casino and finally, the big day arrives. After checking the minimum ‘buy-in’, he sits on the table wearing a friend’s blazer and smoking his only cigar.

His 4th hand gets him a ‘Four of a kind’. Exuberant and nervous at the same time, he wipes sweat off his brow and calls ‘All In’. Well, 3 other fellas ‘call’, only to discover this guy’s great luck today! Smiling from ear to ear, our Mr Beginner swipes the table clean!

types of people you see in casinoBeginner’s luck!

3) The Depressed Soul

She brought 3k with her. Doesn’t know any game. Goes to the first table she sees. Takes 6 turns, bets 500 each time. Boom! Gone in 60 seconds! Depressed and disappointed, she walks away from the table towards the bar. She will now wait for 1 AM when the bonus chips worth Rs 500 will arrive! Yes! In some casinos, each lady on the floor gets an extra Rs 500 to gamble at regular intervals. Good news?

types of people you see in casinoDepressed Soul

4) The guy who lost his savings

After 3 months of hard work and dedication, he had saved Rs 15,000 for casino. From his 1st job which he joined just 3 months back, 15,000 was all that he could save up. He sits on the Black Jack table to double his money. But, after a roller coaster ride, he finds himself without a penny to spare. Damn! You’re broke bro!

types of people you see in casinoUnlucky guy

5) ‘I play for fun’ gal

In her late 20s. she was finally able to settle down with a rich and handsome hubby. She didn’t have to settle with his bank account though. To play poker peacefully, her husband gave her Rs 25,000 to gamble. Exuberant with joy, she jumped from table to table and kept betting her way through, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. But, the wins or loses doesn’t affect her spirits! After all, she is a ‘fun’ gal!

types of people you see in casino‘Fun’ Gal

6) The Rich Kid

This guy, Mr Silver Spoon, is wearing a solid black shirt, showing off his Rolex watch and holding two Rs 5,000 worth chips as the remaining stack of 50 chips rest near his palm. While his dad is cracking a multimillionaire deal with the local businessmen in Tunisia, this guy is living off his lavish pocket money in grand style. He bets a 5k on number 17 on the roulette table and leaves the table to smoke, never to return. Did he win? He doesn’t care!

types of people you see in casino

7) The Mega-Millionaire

This mid aged guy had inherited a lot of wealth from his forefathers. With his business acumen, he was able to create multi-fold wealth. Happily married to a beautiful wife, he goes to office daily, keeps a tab on the company account book, but likes to let the cash flow out once in 3 months.

As he strolls back to his plush chair after losing Rs 2,00,000 on a roulette table, his wife is convincing their kids not to disturb daddy when he is gambling. The wife, sitting pretty and sipping pineapple juice, is here only because she is promised a trip to Paris by her hubby. Of-course, for shopping.

types of people you see in casinoThe Mega millionaire

8) Mr Drunk Dabbler

When he got a jack and a queen on a poker table, he thought they were in love! He is trying to spin roulette by himself. He spills his drink on others as he marches towards a female dealer to ask her mobile number. On his way, he forces a guy to bet on a number and makes him lose. He chats with random strangers and asks them their loss. Laughs at them after that! Finally, before the sun is out again, he is out of the casino, not letting his friends recover their loses! Oops!

types of people you see in casinoMr Drunk Dabbler

I hope you liked the post! Have you been to a casino before? How was it? Did you see these specimens there? Do share your experiences with me! Let me know if you have seen other characters on a buzzing casino floor!

I had gone to Deltin Royale casino recently and had a great time! If you have not been there yet, keep it ‘on cards’ when you go to Goa next!



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