Trip to Nandi Hills

Bike Ride to Nandi Hills – Day Trip from Bangalore

Clouds resembled a thick blanket of mist. The cool wind made my eyes squint. My hair swayed along with the gentle breeze and as I conquered one hairpin turns after another, my excitement kept on increasing. After 8 months of being in Bangalore, I finally visited Nandi Hills, the closest tourist spot near Bangalore.

To catch the highlight of your trip to Nandi Hills, you should leave as early as possible, preferably around 4 am. The sun rise, visible through the layers of dense clouds, would be the highlight of your trip to Nandi Hills.

We rode for close to 1.5 hours to reach Nandi Hills. Being a Sunday morning, Nandi Hills had attracted a plethora of people. Nandi Hills is no more a secret. So, I’d suggest you expect a lot of people gathered around the edge of Nandi Hills, in an attempt to snatch the best sight of sunrise. In fact, I’d not recommend you to bring your car here as you would get stuck for at-least an hour before reaching sunrise point at Nandi Hills.

Once you are close to Nandi Hills, be prepared to get thrilled by the breath-taking landscapes and cool atmosphere. The last stretch of your trip to Nandi Hills would be surrounded by low and dense clouds, transmuting you into a blissful aura of nature’s elegance.

Trip to Nandi Hills Trip to Nandi HillsEnroute Nandi Hills (Trip to Nandi Hills)

When you reach Nandi Hills, you will discover a vast area surrounded by dense clouds. park your vehicle here and proceed towards the ticket counter. Before entering Nandi Hills gate, you can stop at the canteen here and sip a coffee or munch on some chips.

After entering Nandi Hills, in your first attempt, you would not be able to figure our the best sight to observe the sunrise or marvel at the beautiful valley. But, follow the crowd and you would be able to find one view point. However, if you wish to grab some alone time or with only your loved ones around, I’d recommend to hike a little more and reach a lesser crowded spot. But, it would be difficult for to find one on weekends.

trip to nandi hills

trip to nandi hills With Friends at Nandi HillsView from Nandi Hills, trip to nandi hillsView from Nandi Hills when the clouds started disappearing

When you embark on the return journey of your trip to Nandi Hills, do stop at this small Paratha Place which serves decent food. It will fall on your right if you are returning back from your trip to Nandi Hills, towards Bangalore.

Trip to Nandi Hills is a small little excursion away from Bangalore. Don’t expect to be swept off your feet. But, if you have not been here yet, I would surely recommend to visit here at-least once.




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