Nesting Grounds Homestay, Chikmagalur

When it comes to accommodation options, I always prefer homestays over hotels. They can provide a unique experience which many hotels cannot.

I visited Chikmagalur recently for the extended weekend. We stayed in Nesting Grounds Homestay. The name of this homestay does great justice. The homestay is nestled between mountains, overlooking the small town of Mudigere in Chikmagalur district.

Nesting Grounds Homestay

Mornings at Nestling Grounds Homestay

The owner, Nandu is a warm hearted host. He was kind enough to pick us up from the  Mudigere Bus Stand where we arrived in a bus from Chikmagalur. From Mudigere bus  stand, it is a smooth ride in the woods. We already had a feeling that the rest of the stay  was going to be wonderful.

We entered the estate and couldn’t help but appreciate the way it was maintained. The  Nesting grounds homestay is located amidst 50 Acres of coffee plantation.  Due to this,  you feel very close to nature while staying in this homestay.



When we reached Nesting Grounds homestay in the estate, we were welcomed by 6 dogs.  Even if you are afraid of dogs, you will be obliged to love them. I, being a dog lover, was  delighted to see them. What we saw next delighted us even further!

The homestay was better than what we had imagined! The homestay is basically an  independent part of the whole property. It is adjacent to the owner’s residence. The  property has two rooms and two halls along with a dining area. It is a great accommodation option for friends, families, couples and even for corporate outings.

When we entered our accommodation, our excitement increased. We noticed lunch already served on the table. Nothing can make a weary traveller happier than hot & delicious food! As expected, we didn’t even bother to check out rest of the homestay. After having savoured a delicious meal, we checked out the rooms and to our pleasant surprise, it was quite spacious and good enough for 6 people to sleep peacefully. There was hot water facility available. We rested for a while before exploring the rest of the property.

Nesting Grounds Homestay

The Cycle at Nesting Grounds Homestay

As we were exploring the homestay, we asked Nandu to bring us a home-made wine. It was made of beetle leaves. The beetle leaves are crushed and stored in a container after adding yeast. The fermentation process takes place and after 3 months, you have delicious wine which is smooth. There was a cycle which we took turns and explored the area in vicinity. We also discovered a basketball court where we tested our skills for a while. After that, we took a short walk in the estate.


Nesting Grounds Homestay

The evening spot for tea, overlooking horizon

It was evening and as the sun initiated it’s journey to the horizon, we ordered for some veg pakoras and coffee. As we relaxed there, sipping coffee & admiring the evening colours, one of the dogs sat next to us and enjoyed our company. We relished the delicious snacks served along with some more coffee. We talked for 2 hours and finally retreated to our homestay. The night was dominating the evening now and the wind was getting colder.




Nesting Grounds Homestay

Sweets, my favorite part

As we watched some television and played carom, it was dinner time already! We were elated as Paramesh started bringing delicious food items. As a gleeful kid, we waited for all the dishes to be served. After a heavy & lip-smacking dinner, we just rested and waited for the next morning.

Nandu, the homestay owner, had helped us to book a cab for our next day. We started for our day trip and returned in late evening only to find the dinner already served. We were pretty exhausted and hence slept early after a fully satisfying dinner.

On the 3rd day, Nandu took us for a coffee estate tour which was very informational. We spent roughly 2 hours in the estate knowing about the coffee making process.

Our stay at the homestay was very blissful. We returned back to our normal lives after an amazingly satisfying experience. If you are visiting Chikmagalur, I would highly recommend Nesting grounds homestay. This homestay is also a great place to organize corporate outings for teams.

Have you been to this homestay? I would to know about your experiences in the comments! Cheers!

This post is part of an attempt to capture lovely & offbeat stays in India where I have personally stayed. Explore my picks by visiting the Offbeat Stays section.



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  • Param

    February 5, 2015 at 9:54 am Reply

    I agree with you on home stays. And this one sounds so good. We have been planning a visit to Chikmagalur and now can look at this home stay as an option.

    • Umang Trivedi

      February 5, 2015 at 10:24 am Reply

      Hi Param, This homestay is really good. Let me know in case you want the owner’s number. Cheers!

  • Indu Dhanjal

    March 10, 2017 at 3:18 pm Reply

    Hi Umang
    I enjoyed ur write up on home stay and would like to get more info on it. Please share contact information of the owners. My tentative plan is to visit in mid May to mid June months. I understand it rains during these months and hoping for a cool weather. Thanks for ur assistance .

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