Farewell Goa !!

Goa, A state of mind. A State of placid culture and eventful evenings. If someone can spend two weeks in Goa, he will be ecstatic. I spent two years in Goa, so you can imagine how hard would it be for me to bid farewell. I have avoided writing this post for a long time now. Finally, I have jostled and gathered enough courage and I sit writing this post about GIM with moist eyes.

Goa Institute of Management will not only be a crucial chapter in my life but an unforgettable memory. A memory which I will always refer while facing the ups and downs of my impending corporate journey. But, more importantly, I take along with me friendships for life. I take along bonds, which I can say, are unbreakable. I know I can accumulate courage and strive to reach the top. Because, I know, there is a net of these friendships and bonds, which will catch me and help me bounce back, shall I fall.

The couple of years in Goa have been crazy. Crazier than my engineering days. Such is not the case for all of us, I agree. But, my engineering days were quite dry in Gujarat. If you know what I mean! Moreover, Goa itself is so enchanting in its own ways, that is sparks individuality. It induces the courage to live life at its fullest. I have been captivated by these vibes of independence. I have been mesmerized by the ways of joyous life and been subjugated by the ambiance. I have lived my two years at GIM, at its fullest.

Goa Institute of Management has given me opportunities to learn. Without corporate experience, it becomes imperative to get accustomed to trivial nuances. These small things, which seem insignificant, are actually most important when showcasing your corporate image in public. These seemingly unimportant things can be learnt only by execution and not by mere conceptualization of ideas.

The parties during our tenure at GIM will be considered as best memories ever. Be it beach parties or regular hostel parties, we have had the best time during these parties. Some disappointments occurred, only to be taken care of later. At the end, no hard feelings 🙂

There were places in the campus where I loved to sit and ponder. I am a coffee lover and shared it with my best pals, gossiping about people around. I played Fifa with my buddies and filled the hostel atmosphere with abuses, both in national and international language. My bike was the best thing happened to me while in Goa. I used to take my Bike and explore the terrains of Goa. I wish, someday, I can take my Bike back to Goa and speed up with the wind. I wish I can again face the strong wind gushing from the ocean. I can only wish. But, I know I will keep coming to Goa with my friends and re-live the golden age, cherishing the best of memories.

Lastly, I still congratulate myself for deciding to come to GIM two years back. The unforgettable journey comes to an end. But, I will not cry its over. I will rather smile, it happened. End of an era, end of a journey.
Farewell GIM, Farewell Goa!!

Umang Trivedi, PGDM-FT, Batch of 2011-13

Goa Institute of Management
Sanquelim Campus



Umang Trivedi


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